Projekty / Projects


contractor in EDURES project "Technology education in the digital era supported by the significant use of research results”, Project Code 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082219 ("the Project") under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 203: Strategic Partnerships for higher education.


contractor in research project UMO-2018/31/B/ST8/02946 “The effect of disc surface texturing on tribological properties of pin-on-disc assembly” funded by National Science Centre.


contractor in research project UOD-DEM-1-557/001 within pilotage enterprise – Support of research works and development works in demonstrative scale Demonstrator+ „U-477/G/D” between NCBiR in Warsaw and WSK „PZL-Rzeszów” S.A. entitled „Testing of critical elements of aviation engine of increased functional parameters”.


contractor in a key project “Modern material technologies applied in aviation industry” funded from the Operational Program  Innovative Economy.


contractor in a research project N N505 487540 N N505 487540 “Modeling of surface topographies after two-processes taking plateau honing as the example” funded by National Science Centre.


contractor in research project FP6-030876 „New Aero Engine Core Concepts (NEWAC)” financed from the sources from European Union within 6th Framework Program.

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